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把Kinect扫描的点云数据导入Maya | Import Kinect point cloud to Maya

I used Skanect to scan my room down. The .ply file generated is like this:

0.614557 -0.0194625 -0.305274 -0.127814 -0.551592 0.824263 100 113 96
0.614418 -0.019946 -0.305417 -0.127814 -0.551592 0.824263 98 111 96
0.61429 0.00103368 -0.303381 0.0386538 -0.603242 0.796621 104 107 95

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Use Kinect LiDAR for camera matchmoving in PFTrack | 用Kinect的激光测距来帮助PFTrack的摄影机反求

So yea I got the idea becaues I wanted to deploy some close-up shots in my small project, but close-ups are always a pain to matchmove according to my experience. We know that this device’s resolution is quite limited, so does it work?

Couldn’t find anybody done the same thing using this low cost toy on Internet, or at least they didn’t post it. So here you go, the result turns out neat and I’m really happy with it. Notice at the end of the clip, the shot is pretty close and it worked fine. Video:

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