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爱普生ME-30的Linux驱动, Using Epson ME-30 in Linux (Driver!)

Ubuntu下自动找到的驱动没用, 一切运行行云流水, 提示”processing”有模有样, 打印机也动, 灯还闪, 但是就是不进纸 -_,-

搜了一下在这里下到驱动, 有For Ubuntu 8.04的, 我目前是10.10测试OK, 唯一要注意的是安装结束提示是否设置成默认打印机, 勾选也没用, 自己手动设置一下

Every time I want to use this stupid thing it causes so much trouble
Ubuntu can find driver for it automatically which doesn’t work. Everything went fine, I was notified printing is “Processing”, and the printer also made sounds with its LED blinking, except that the paper wouldn’t go in XD

So I googled and found driver HERE. Have one for Ubuntu 8.04 (I’m 10.10 and it works fine to me). The only thing you should notice is that when the installing ends it asks whether to set ME30 to be default printer, which doesn’t work even you check it. So set it manually.

Okay… There is an issue when I tried to print images.
1. Can’t print photo, maybe too complex to render…
2. simple image can be printed, like THIS, but the color is.. not only distorted, also like toxic..

1. 照片打印不能, 可能对于这个驱动来说渲染这么复杂的东西让它不堪重负..
2. 简单的图片可以印出来, 比如这个,  但是颜色不仅失真了而且像中毒了一样..花里糊哨的