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Darkhold of Niagara

Spent many deep nights from the past month to write about all my tricks and sorceries for fluid simulation.
80lv interview:

If you don’t read, someone else who did can instakill you.

2. Let’s start by introducing Niagara Fluids? Could you explain the toolkit to beginners? What does it do? What are the main features?

For starters, Niagara Fluids includes templates for fire, smoke, pools of water, splashes and shallow water. It’s UE5’s answer to fluid simulation. 

Niagara is the most robust, artist-friendly GPU programming framework for video games (or for anything, really). Niagara Fluids is basically a DLC that makes fluid related stuff much easier.

Main features:
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Spark and Spree – Update on my Slime game

Forgot to upload a couple of videos here recently. Centralization is eating me alive 🙁
But my blog is always my favorite place on the entire Internet. You know you are old when writing to a plain interface gives you nostalgia 😗

Anyway here is the video and I will come back to write a breakdown when I’m not totally exhausted.
May 2022 Update: Too busy =_=

The Matrix Awakens VFX Showcase

The first Matrix movie shocked me as a kid. The effects was out of the world.
20 years later I’ve become the code rain master💚
Here is a quick cut of VFX I made for this demo. Can’t believe I made all the coolest shit.
Hope you enjoy my childhood dream too.


『有点相关的Unreal Circle演讲』





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