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AutoSaveWorld ChatManager Core CraftProxyLiter DragonTravel dynmap Essentials Modifyworld MzeHome (replaced by WorldGuard) PermissionsEx Runecraft WorldEdit WorldGuard xAuth Multiverse-Core Multiverse-Inventories Multiverse-SignPortals KeepItems


Update and hopefully solve the player rolling-back bug.

Change Log:

20140825: Polished up plugins for 1.6.4 and coded a bash daemon to send ‘save-all’ every 5 minutes only when there’re players online, in attempt to ease player roll-back bug. The script kinda floods bukkit console a bit for the nature of this pipeline (powered by GNU screen). It works for now.

while true
    su bukkit -c 'screen -S bukkit -X stuff 'list`echo -ne '\015'`''
    sleep 0.5
#    echo `tail -n1 ./server.log|awk '{print $4$5$6}'` > asdf
#    which is => ^[[0;33;22mThereare^[[0;31;1m0^[[0;33;22m <= . Da color code.
    if ! [ `tail -n1 ./server.log|awk '{print $4$5$6}'` == `cat ./asdf` ]
        su bukkit -c 'screen -S bukkit -X stuff 'save-all`echo -ne '\015'`''
    echo 'Saving Done.'
    echo `date`
    sleep 5m

20130215: DeathControl bugged the shit outta me. I’m using multiverse and the inventory randomly went into character’s inventory in another world. Things got getter after me switching to KeepItems but character inventory still got flooded randomly. So I finally found my way and set only one ‘global’ group for all the worlds(for inventories). It has been pretty good after.

2012-2013(0214): Updated occasionally (which was not logged). Now server’s 1.4.7, with plugins up-to-date. Added plugin DeathControl so that we don’t lose stuff upon death. The reason is, Minecraft is not really known as a hardcore survival game IMO. Yes danger can be fun but I want my server to be more of a casual one.

20120919: Multi-worlds done! Now teleport to another survival world, adventure with friends(like I have any)! Portal located in the center tiny island. Game mode switches automatically when changing map. Inventories are stored individually between maps, which I’ve been dreaming of. Players’ privilege slightly polished. Nobody can cheat in survival map, except me obviously. Plugins are Multiverse with its SignPortals && Inventories sub-plugins.

20120819: Updated to craftbukkit-1.3.1-R2.0.jar

20120807: Updated to craftbukkit-1.3.1-R1.0.jar

20120811: Terrain fully polished (With WorldPainter). Dynmap re-rendered to high quality. Awesome fake 3D.

20120728: Figured out how to use Permissions. Plugin installed: PermissionEx Have some permission set for groups.

20120727: Log starts. Update to bukkit 1.2.5_R4.0 Plugin installed: WorldGuard(5.5.3) Player constructed area been set protected from NPC damage {creeper-explosion: deny, enderman-grief: deny, enderdragon-block-damage: deny, ghast-fireball: deny, mob-spawning: deny}

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