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暴力调整Oculus Rift的瞳距设置

A ruthless way to modify your Oculus Rift’s IPD (Interpupillary Distance)

TL;DR: Pictures say it all.

IPD (interpupillary distance) is basically the distance between the center of your two eyeballs. The average value is 63mm~65mm, which Oculus Rift DK is designed for(64mm). If yours is too wide or narrow beyond that you’ll notice how the image in Rift doesn’t focus too well horizontally, which is uncomfortable and may lead to sickness.

My IPD is extremely wide, 72mm (please, I’m still handsome). After a while’s use I knew this is not something I can just ignore so I did some research. The problem turned out to be pretty common, this post shows plastic adapters user bwhill designed to adjust the IPD to specified value. But he’s only selling 3D-printed products not sharing or selling the blueprint and it’s too much of a wait to ship to china. So I penned a few lines and plugged in my heat knife, it’s not pretty but it had the job done.

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对于不想折腾就像体验一下用iPad敲敲代码的同学来说, 蓝牙键盘 + 一个叫textastic的带语法高亮的文本编辑器app就能满足你的需求

iPad十几个小时的续航和轻薄的体型, 再加上才买了蓝牙键盘, 实在是让我不能不想用它来写代码. 下面介绍我在iPad上最终成功运行Vim和编译运行代码的经验.

想要运行代码肯定首先要破解.. 苹果的销售策略里, app是不能运行脚本的, 就是说不能运行任何自定义的程序.

Apple is acting as a gatekeeper for what is and isn’t allowed on your device. I heard that Apple would never allow a scripting language to be installed on your iPad because it would allow end users to run code that they hadn’t verified.

摘自 http://jjinux.blogspot.com/2010/05/apple-ipad-and-emacs.html

越狱我就不多嘴了, 假设你已经越狱, 并且假设你的iPad是免费的 >=P

我的系统是3.2.2, 3系列的应该不会有问题, 4往上可能需要不同的fake-libgcc(我下面有提, 我觉得就是把系统环境伪装成2.0的系统从而让针对2.0系统开发的iphone-gcc可以工作)


在cydia首页可以找到openSSH的下载链接, 下载&安装后, iPad就启动了SSH service.  装一个叫iSSH的app, 在iPad上运行Terminal的原理就是连接本地的SSH, 并不是底层破解 🙂 root的密码默认为alpine.


根据 这篇文章, 但是此文是针对2.0系统的, 我3.0系统就纠结了很久, 最终整理如下: Continue reading

[烹饪] 20101228煎Filet牛排实验报告

器材: 普通平底锅, 木质铲子, 菜夹子..
原料: 略微腌制的Filet牛排 (以下简称单元) (大误..), 厚度目测薄处1cm 厚处1.2~1.3cm, 两块, 分两次记录数据
黑椒蘑菇汁, 总统牌黄油
目的: 对加热时间与熟度关系的数据记录
预备: 色拉油(橄榄油已耗尽..)抹锅底防止粘锅, 黄油10克每份共两份,
条件: 煎肉油温一直保持130度


放入牛排, 加热20秒翻面, 目的是锁住肉汁.
继续加热20秒, 放入一份黄油, 牛排盖住黄油加速融化.
黄油融化后加热40秒, 其间保持一定频率的搅动, 使牛排始终能与黄油有充分的接触 (否则会焦..)
翻面加热20秒取出, 放入黑椒汁与肉汁搅动加热, 温度100度, 达到温度后立即取出浇上去防止水分流失

牛排情况: 切面两边靠边部分褐色, 中间为深桃红, 引用wiki百科(Steak)

Raw — Uncooked. Used in dishes like steak tartare, Carpaccio, gored gored, tiger meat and kitfo.
Seared, Blue rare or very rare — Cooked very quickly; the outside is seared, but the inside is usually cool and barely cooked. The steak will be red on the inside and barely warmed. Sometimes asked for as “blood rare” or “bloody as hell”. In the United States, this is also sometimes referred to as ‘Black and Blue’ or ‘Pittsburgh Rare’. It is common for chefs to place the steak in an oven to warm the inside of the steak. This method generally means ‘blue’ steaks take longer to cook than any other degrees.
Rare — (52 °C [125 °F] core temperature) The outside is gray-brown, and the middle of the steak is red and slightly warm.
Medium rare — (55 °C [130 °F] core temperature) The steak will have a fully red, warm center. This is the standard degree of cooking at most steakhouses, unless specified otherwise.
Medium — (60 °C [140 °F] core temperature) The middle of the steak is hot and red with pink surrounding the center. The outside is gray-brown.
Medium well done — (65 °C [150 °F] core temperature) The meat is light pink surrounding the center.
Well done — (71 °C [160 °F] and above core temperature) The meat is gray-brown throughout and slightly charred.
Overcook — (much more than 71 °C [160 °F] core temperature) The meat is dark throughout and slightly bitter.
无法准确判定, 可能是牛排太薄的原因. 不准确判定牛排薄处为3分熟(Medium rare),  厚处低于3分熟, 因为牛排太薄所以厚薄处差距较大.
厚处嚼不动又将剩下部分放进锅里加热, 40秒后翻面加热20秒, 判定为5分熟(Medium)左右. (手机没电了缺乏图片记录并且我也忘了可以留点样品下来抱歉.. 全吃了)


放入牛排加热20秒翻面加热20秒, 放黄油 (与第一次相同)
加热70秒翻面, 发现边上微焦并且翘起, 推测是中心比两边温度高引起的变形, 也有可能牛排不够厚没法稳住, 解决方法猜测 1. 用厚点的牛排试试 2. 用刀划一些网格阻断表面拉力的传播

牛排情况: 大概七分熟(Medium Well down)或略低, 薄处接近全熟(Well down), 感觉还是”因为牛排太薄所以厚薄处差距较大”


太薄了不行, 下次买3cm的试试, 我看youtube人家弄都有一块Filet简直就是长方体的.. 口感来说3分到7分都不错, 太熟完全不好吃..再往下嚼不动了

Cort X6换EMG 81 85拾音器

去年换的81.. 今年加个85, 85声音好美, 像5000元的琴…




欧姆表测A-E 5个档位的通路, 下面连起来的是通路, 比如B档123两两互通



根据上面的表我扒拉了一下确定最后连法.. 琴颈连03 琴桥连23, 我把01连起来是为了能有一个档位让两边同时响(B档)

下面传个清晰点的通路表.. 说不定有谁会用到.. SEO关键词: 五档电位器 五档档位器 五档拾音器开关 连法 内部结构 怎么连




怎样固定… 略喜感..


焊好 音量旋钮和音色旋钮之间的钢丝不够长.. 接了一段



封装, 正好塞下..



补充, 电路图就用这个图, 连法用我上面写的连法


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