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暴力调整Oculus Rift的瞳距设置

A ruthless way to modify your Oculus Rift’s IPD (Interpupillary Distance)

TL;DR: Pictures say it all.

IPD (interpupillary distance) is basically the distance between the center of your two eyeballs. The average value is 63mm~65mm, which Oculus Rift DK is designed for(64mm). If yours is too wide or narrow beyond that you’ll notice how the image in Rift doesn’t focus too well horizontally, which is uncomfortable and may lead to sickness.

My IPD is extremely wide, 72mm (please, I’m still handsome). After a while’s use I knew this is not something I can just ignore so I did some research. The problem turned out to be pretty common, this post shows plastic adapters user bwhill designed to adjust the IPD to specified value. But he’s only selling 3D-printed products not sharing or selling the blueprint and it’s too much of a wait to ship to china. So I penned a few lines and plugged in my heat knife, it’s not pretty but it had the job done.

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